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Recommended Books on Tribal Art, Weapons and Swords

BOOK107: Land of Morning - The Philippines and its People

  • BOOK107 : Land of Morning - The Philippines and its People
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BOOK107: Land of Morning - The Philippines and its People
by David Henkel, Purissima Benitez-Johannot, Julius Bautista, Lou Janssen Dangzalan

A very nice book produced for a show at the Singapore Asian Civilizations Museum. It covers a large scope of just about all Philippine culture from ancient to early 20th century, Christian, tribal, Moro, etc. Of particular interest to me is the section on weapons and swords, which some of the Moro swords and armor used to be in my collection. The text is in english.    

Cover: Soft
Number Pages: 176
Measurements: 11" x 10"
Publisher: Artpostasia Pte Ltd; 2 edition
Publish Date: 2011
Condition: New and unused
Price: $95.00

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