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Al Great contemporary art

Atchin: A Dutch website on Aceh weapons and history

Dha Research Archive : Information on antique Dha swords

Ethnographic Edge Resource Site: Sword information and sword forum

Federico's Moro Swords: Moro Sword Information and history

Filipino Martial Arts Magazine

Filipino Weapons and History: Informative site on Philippine antique weapons

Formosa Tribal: Taiwan Aboriginal Art: Art from the aboriginal people of Taiwan.

FRIENDS OF ETHNIC ART: Bay Area tribal art appreciation group

indonesischewapenverzameling: Antique Weapons Research site

Paleo Bree: A tribal art information service : Tribal art internet purchase and authentication

Paul's Keris Page: Indonesian Keris infromation

Pitt Rivers Museum Arms and Armor: Arms and Armor collection Of the Pitt Rivers Museum

Sunfield Publishing: Book publisher for Indonesian art and weapons

Sword Forum International: Everything to do with swords

Tosanaji Keris: Information on Indonesian Keris

Tribal Arts: Magazine for Tribal Art

Antique Weapons Sites

Arms and Antiques: Islamic, Asian and European Weapons and Antiques

Ashoka Arts: Ethnographic, Eastern and Ancient weapons

Batavia Collectables: Antique (tribal) Arms and Armor from the far East

Oriental Arms: Specializing in quality swords of the Islamic world

Philip Tom : Chinese and Islamic swords and Restoration/Polishing

Seven Stars Trading: Specializing in quality Chinese weaponry

Ethnographic Art Sites

Ewa Gallery: Art of the Sepik, New Guinea

Gallery Ezakwantu : Antique Art of South Africa

Historia - James Caswell: Spanish Colonial and Folk Art

McCue Tribal Arts: African Art and Photograph

Richard Aldridge: New Guinea Tribal Art

San Francisco Tribal: An Association of Tribal Art Dealers