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Recommended Books on Tribal Art, Weapons and Swords

BOOK100: BLANKE WAPENS uit de gordel van smaragd

  • BOOK100 : BLANKE WAPENS uit de gordel van smaragd
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BOOK100: BLANKE WAPENS uit de gordel van smaragd
by J.G. Dieles

A good little book with many old black and white photos of warriors with weapons and quality old swords. The text is in dutch, and it covers arms of Indonesia and The Philippines both Moro and Northern peoples. I know not what the text says, but it is worth having for the photos alone.    

Cover: Soft
Number Pages: 0
Measurements: 6" x 8 5/8"
Publish Date: 1986
Condition: Used, but good condition
Price: $75.00

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