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INDO513: Nias Osa-Osa stone seat

  • INDO513 : Nias Osa-Osa stone seat
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INDO513: Nias Osa-Osa stone seat

A rare small Nias Osa-Osa stone seat, This ritual seat is carved from a single piece of limestone, and has the head of the mystical "Lasara". These small seats were placed on the top of a tall stone stele for the use of the spirits or ancestors rather then the large Oso-Oso thrones that were sat on by the living chiefs and aristocrats. The Lasara wears a "Katabubu" necklace, the sign of a successful warrior. The stone shows some good patina from age.    

Previously in the collection of Dr. Lueth, Hannover Germany.

21" Tall with a 16" Diameter seat. Late 19th or early 20th century, Nias, Indonesia.    ....$7500.00

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