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Recommended Books on Tribal Art, Weapons and Swords

BOOK129: Warriors Armament

BOOK129: Warriors Armament
by Edwin R. Bautista

This book is now out of print and the Museum is about out of them. I have a few copies of the limited edition hard slip cased book tied with a traditional Philippine belt. The limited edition was a run of 200 copies with each one numbered, museum stamped and signed by Edwin Bautista and one other person; I think Corazon Alvina. A large and wonderful book with 316 photos, many full page. There is a large variety of antique Philippine swords, Moro swords and Visayan Island swords. Other contributors are Eusebio Z. Dizon, Patrick D. Flores, Lorenz Lasco and Narciso C. Tan. This is a must have book for the Philippine sword library, and I believe a small printing that is hard to find in the US.     

Cover: Hard
Number Pages: 220
Measurements: 9.5" by 13.5"
Publisher: Museo ng Kaalamang Katutubo
Publish Date: November 25, 2020
Condition: New and unused condition
Price: Sold

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