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Antique Oceanic Art and Tribal Artifacts

OC564: Massim Wave Splitter

OC564: Massim Wave Splitter

A large and intricate Massim canoe wave splitter form the Marshall Bennett Islands, Milne Bay area of Papua New Guinea. Carved from a single piece of wood with many bird heads and scrolls on both sides. Every round dot turns into the eye of a birds head in multiple directions. The delicate negative space makes this an intricate and masterful carving. The surface is weathered from age and use, and probably storage exposed to the elements.    

Field collected by Harry Beran and Anthony JP Meyer. Harry Beran collection item #HB443. Previously in the collection of Marcia and John Friede. Published in the book “Collecting New Guinea Art” by Michael Hamson, item #29 pages 84 and 85.

31" long by 39" tall and 1/12" thick. Early 20th century, Marshal Bennett Islands, Papua New Guinea.    ....$3500.00

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