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Farrow Fine Art Gallery is committed to selling authentic antique tribal art, weapons, swords, and shields from Indonesia, The Philippines, Africa, Oceania, Asia and the Americas. I take pride in selling authentic antique tribal art that was made for, and used by the traditional culture, and all purchases come with an unconditional guarantee of authenticity.

Erik Farrow has been selling authentic antique ethnographic art and weapons in the “by appointment” gallery, and US tribal art shows since 2000. Exposure to tribal art started in 1994 when I went into the art restoration business with my Father.

I am also a founding member of San Francisco Tribal, an association of San Francisco Bay Area art dealers committed to authenticity, quality and ethical business practices. In addition to selling authentic antique tribal art I am always interested in purchasing both single pieces, or entire collections of quality antique ethnographic art, weapons, shields and swords.